If your industrial gas heater is not working as expected, you should plan for immediate repair by a qualified HVAC contractor. Gas heaters are great alternatives to electrical systems because of the lower operational costs. The equipment operation is not affected by off-peak and peak rates. Moreover, gas heaters ensure instantaneous heating due to their mode of operation.

However, when an industrial gas heater fails, the inconvenience can be extensive. The lack of heating will affect the comfort of the workers and even the operation of plant machinery. Moreover, the use of gas in the system increases the risk of fire and other accidents. Timely professional restoration of the equipment will prevent mishaps and subsequent accidents. In addition to choosing an experienced HVAC contractor, here are crucial guidelines for promoting efficient industrial gas heater repair.

Evaluate the Malfunctions

The causes of industrial gas heater malfunctions are diverse. The effectiveness of the repair work will depend on the identification of the problem. You should conduct a thorough troubleshooting process before beginning the restorative work. Identifying the source will depend on the specific form of malfunction.

For example, if the heater is not turning on completely, the problem could lie in the power supply. The switches or the pilot lights could also be faulty. If the temperature from the equipment is not ideal, the cause could be a damaged thermostat. Other common issues include a burning smell, accumulation of soot and inconsistent temperature. Some of these malfunctions will have clear causes and solutions outlined in the owner's manual. However, you must not proceed with the repair until you are sure of the source. Otherwise, you could damage the heater further.

Inspect Replacement Parts

The repair of industrial gas heaters often necessitates the use of replacement parts. This process is essential if the old components cannot be salvaged. When purchasing a replacement product, you must choose compatible items. The right parts must be designed and built for usage in industrial heaters. Incompatible alternatives will deteriorate after exposure to heat. Check the material and design specifications outlined by the manufacturer for the best results.

Test the Repaired Heater

Finally, the HVAC contractor must test the industrial gas heater after the repair and restoration. This practice is crucial for confirming the resolution of underlying problems in the heater. Keep in mind that the heater might have multiple functional issues. Testing after the initial repairs will help in eliminating additional problems which might not have been identified previously. 

For more information on industrial gas heater repair, contact a professional HVAC contractor in your area.