Air conditioning is a luxury that many Australians use often to cool themselves off in the scorching summer heat. It seems like every other year there is a new invention that promises to make air conditioning better than ever. If you have been considering upgrading your air conditioning for a while but just haven't taken the plunge yet, then here is why 2020 is the perfect year to do it.

Quicker Speeds Than Ever

One noticeable improvement in modern air conditioning units (both split systems and ducted variants) is the overall reduction in the time it takes between turning them on and feeling a result. This is due to an increase in efficiency in the cooling and heating systems, as well as the continued trend towards smaller components making this viable on a mass scale and not just in large buildings. If your current air conditioning feels like it takes a long time just to start affecting the temperature of your room, then you should know you don't need to settle for that. Upgrade your air conditioning and feel cooler within minutes of turning your new machine on.

Longer Time Between Maintenance Visits

Many people slack off on scheduling their maintenance visits for their air conditioning, but with newer models, this is less of a problem. Air filters last longer, with more effective processing, and the overall deterioration of parts is far less severe than it was. You used to need to get your air conditioning checked for problems every year but now, with a brand new system, you can easily stretch past that with no worries. Of course, it is always advised you still do have regularly scheduled maintenance visits, but a newer system gives you a bit more leeway in case you forget.

Energy Conscious

It was not so long ago that very few appliances were conscious about their energy usage at all, but in the last decade, there has been a massive overhaul with how people approach their impact on the environment. Air conditioning companies are very aware of this, and there has been an increased emphasis on reducing power consumption while not sacrificing on quality. Many air conditioners now use less electricity than an old TV might, which is very impressive considering just how much more is involved in managing your home's temperature. If you want to save power, then upgrading your AC is the perfect way to start.

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