From time to time, gas heating systems require maintenance to keep them working well. Some of the problems that can arise with a gas heating system, such as a gas leak, can be quite dangerous, so it is important to address faults as soon as they arise. Here are four signs to look out for.

1. Smell of Bad Eggs

The main risk of a gas heating system is a leakage of natural gas, which is flammable and therefore, very dangerous. Gas has a distinctive smell, similar to that of eggs that have gone bad, which makes gas leaks easy to detect.

If you smell gas at home, shut off the heating, open doors and windows to ventilate the space and call a gas heating service. While you wait for a gas engineer to come out and investigate, avoid lighting any matches or cigarettes to minimise the risk of a fire.

2. Excessive Soot Production

When a gas furnace is working well, it should burn gas cleanly, without producing any solid by-products. However, if your gas furnace has an inadequate oxygen supply, the result can be incomplete combustion, which can leave the furnace looking dirty or sooty.

Cleaning the furnace is a good thing to do regularly, but if you notice it getting excessively dirty, it is a good idea to also schedule a maintenance check. A gas heating service can identify problems with your furnace that are leading to incomplete combustion and give you an estimate of the cost of fixing them.

3. Carbon Monoxide Production

You cannot see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas, so you need to purchase a carbon monoxide detector to check for its presence in your home. If your detector alerts you to the existence of carbon monoxide, be sure to contact a gas heating service right away. Turn off the heating system and do not use it again until it has been checked, as carbon monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous.

4. Excessive Energy Costs

Without regular maintenance, gas furnaces can become quite inefficient. If you notice the amount of money you spend on gas creeping up, schedule a maintenance check for your gas heating system. Not only will this check help to address any issues with your furnace before they become a safety issue, but it could also help to reduce your ongoing energy costs, giving you a little more room in your family budget.

For more information, reach out to gas heating services near you.