Do you use a split-system air conditioning or evaporative cooling system to keep your home comfy during the warm months? Air conditioning systems play a significant role in keeping your home or office cool when the summer sets in. While these systems come in different forms and sizes, there are some common maintenance tips every property owner must consider to ensure the equipment operates effectively for longer. However, most people make mistakes that lead to costly repairs and increase energy bills. Avoid making the following blunders with your air conditioning system so you don't incur these unnecessary expenses.

You rarely clean or change the filters

One of the essential components of an air conditioner is an air filter. It cleans out the air that your cooling system will circulate in your house. The filter traps any form of contaminants and particulates that may cause discomfort or affect your health, such as pollen, dust and dirt. These contaminants usually accumulate on the filter over time, making it difficult for the system to supply quality air effectively. The air conditioner will be forced to work harder to supply air, and contaminants won't be removed effectively. Make sure your air filter is cleaned regularly and replaced after three months or every month if the AC runs throughout. This way, you'll get clean air, reduce your bills and avoid shortening the AC's lifespan.

Some objects are blocking the vents

Air vents supply cool air in different rooms, but if items like furniture block them, it will become impossible for the cool air to get to the rooms. Inspect the vents to ensure cool air flows freely throughout. If you come across some items that are blocking the vents, be sure to remove them right away to avoid wasting cool air.

You don't remember the last time your HVAC was serviced

Regular HVAC maintenance offers a wide range of benefits. It increases the air conditioner's life, reduces your electricity bills and ensures the parts of the AC are repaired or replaced before the system breaks down. Therefore, it's vital to have your air conditioner serviced once or twice a year, even if it's still functioning well. Make sure the task is done by a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor. While you will pay for the service, this amount cannot be compared to the expenses you'll incur when the unit breaks down completely. Repairs are more costly than maintenance.

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