One of the best ways to ensure your home is comfortable, especially during the hot months, is to install an air conditioning system. However, the key to gaining maximum benefits on your investment is to ensure you pick the right cooling system. Usually, this is determined by your requirements and the building size or room structure.

HVAC split systems have become a popular choice for homeowners today because of their reliability. But like other forms of cooling systems, split system air conditioners need to be maintained or serviced regularly to stay efficient. Some guidelines also need to be followed to ensure your system isn't overworked. Here are reliable tips to increase your split AC's longevity.

Turn on the fan

Most houses that have air conditioning systems also have ceiling or stand-alone fans. Consider using the fans to complement the split air conditioner. With help from your fans, cool air will be circulated into the rooms faster, helping the occupants to feel cooler more quickly. Moreover, your split AC won't be overburdened, and this will increase its expected lifespan.

Rearrange the electronics

Another mistake homeowners make is to place electrical items such as the fridge, TV, personal computer, and lights next to the split air conditioner. These electronics produce heat when turned on, and this can cause your AC's system to overheat because the unit will be forced to work harder to meet the usual cooling needs. You can avoid overworking your unit by relocating the heat-emitting electronics that are close to your cooling system. This increases the effectiveness of your split AC.

Clean and replace filters

Your air conditioner's air filter is designed to trap dust and dirt and ensure no impurities get to the evaporator core. For this reason, air filters must be cleaned regularly to ensure the AC is efficient. If this isn't done, the cool air that's circulated in the house will be full of dust particles, leading to health problems. Worn out filters should be replaced right away too whenever your unit is being serviced.

Check other AC components

In addition to cleaning or replacing filters, other parts of the AC must be checked regularly to ensure they function effectively. By hiring an HVAC service expert, it will be easier to deal with common problems like refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, hose blockages, and more. The expert will also help with essential matters like cleaning the coil and filters. In sum, servicing the unit prevents costly repairs in the future.