Most homeowners have some form of heating in their home. In fact, many homes have a central heating unit that provides heat to most of the house. There are some cases where the heating doesn't reach certain areas of the property. For example, your basement area may not have the benefit of the central heating. This means using space heaters. If you are considering space heaters, there are some gas heating services you need to schedule.

Exhaust Checks

The first thing you need to have checked is the exhaust ports on the space heater. Keep in mind that the space heating system will give off some form of exhaust. The problem is when the exhaust is filled with carbon monoxide. This can be dangerous to your health, especially if the area is not ventilated properly. The contractor will check for carbon monoxide levels during the gas heating service call. If the levels are present or too high, you may be told the unit needs replacing.

Monitors and Detectors

Since space heating, especially gas space heating, can give off harmful gases your contractor will offer a gas heating monitor and detector service. This service consists of installing or placing a monitor that will detect if there is carbon monoxide in the air. An alarm will sound to alert you to this issue and give you time to turn off the gas heating space unit and get out of the area. The contractor will also show you other features of the monitor and teach you what to do to keep yourself and your home safe if there is a gas exhaust in the home.

Cleaning Services

If you have older gas space heaters, your contractor may offer a cleaning service. This cleaning step includes cleaning out filters, pilots and fans. You may also have cleaning services done to clean the casing as well. During this cleaning service, the HVAC contractor will also check for any issues with the power cord, gas tank and other components of the unit. If there are issues, they will offer repair options or alternative options based on the issue.

When you are ready to schedule any of these services, contact your local HVAC contractor. They can help you with these services as well as other services that go along with your portable or space gas heating units. They can also check your current central heating in the rest of the home.