Every year, professionals in the HVAC-R industry come together to share ideas, launch innovative products, and discuss industry trends moving forward. There are many expos that serve as meeting points for the launching of new products and the sharing of exciting ideas relevant to HVAC systems.

With every new year, customers get a preview of new and innovative AC products they can expect to see in the market, while manufacturers get to cultivate valuable relationships with other stakeholders. These events also yield ground-breaking innovations in the air conditioning industry — and 2019 is no different.

Here are exciting trends you can expect to see in HVAC equipment in 2019.

1. High-efficiency capacitors

Capacitors are important components of air conditioning systems. They regulate the cooling of air and the exchange of warm and cold air flowing inside various premises. New correction capacitors are being introduced into the market in 2019, which are capable of working in high temperatures (above 50 degrees Celsius).

Capacitors that are resilient to high temperatures add durability and functionality to many different types of HVAC systems. For example, refrigerators fitted with correction capacitors are capable of cooling food that is currently at a higher temperature than room temperature. In addition, these devices can also help your air conditioning system to cool incoming air that is hotter than normal. You're less likely to worry about your AC system becoming strained and breaking down in the middle of a hot day.

2. Refrigeration condensers

Persons looking for commercial refrigeration equipment will be happy with these new refrigeration condensers. They feature small tube diameters that can hold CO2 and are lined with steel construction for superior durability. In any type of refrigeration equipment, from evaporative coolers to commercial freezers, condensers act as the primary surface through which heat exchange occurs.

Industry players are always looking for innovative ways of making this heat exchange process more efficient so as to help customers save on energy consumption. These newly introduced CO2-holding refrigeration condensers are a step towards the direction of energy efficiency.

3. Evaporative coolers

Early 2019 Expos also featured the launch of advanced evaporative cooling units. Evaporative cooling is a suitable alternative to traditional ducted air conditioning systems because it uses a unique process for exchanging heat and channelling air into the home.

New 2019 improvements have equipped these units to have both direct and indirect cooling features, as well as the ability to use outside air when channelling cool air into the premises. The end result is a more comfortable experience and cost savings.