With summer on the horizon, it is essential that you ensure your air conditioning is in tip-top shape to keep your home cool during the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, ACs are prone to fail just at the most pivotal moment when you need them. Life without air conditioning may become unbearable particularly with the soaring temperatures as summer rolls on. Here are five ways to increase the lifespan of your AC.

Clean the filter

A dirty air filter heightens the chances of AC breakdown and could reduce its lifespan. Make a habit of cleaning your AC on a regular basis. Wash it with water and let it dry completely before fixing it back. If you use disable filters, buy suitable replacements from a reputable dealer. Whether cleaning or replacing the filter, this routine improves the chances of your unit surviving longer.

Do regular maintenance

Lack of maintenance leaves your cooling system straining to deliver the expected performance, and this increases your utility bill significantly. Routine checks can identify even minor issues that crop up as the equipment ages. Early air conditioning repairs are necessary and can prevent future breakdowns and can also prolong the life of your AC. However, you must exercise caution when engaging technicians; only a qualified and licensed professional should be trusted with your air conditioning unit.

Pay attention to location

A cluttered house is another reason why the air conditioning unit is likely to fail. Placing it behind furniture beats the purpose of cranking up that button as the cold air cannot circulate. For optimal results, the AC needs ample room so the cold air can efficiently spread to the rest of the room. You can declutter the space or relocate bulky furniture and place the AC unit strategically such that it can cool multiple rooms without much strain.

Get a ceiling fan

A fan is also very effective in cooling the air in your home. Ceiling fans break up the warm air that rises this complementing the AC. By doing so, you attain the preferred cooling temperatures much faster without overburdening the aircon unit.

Remove electronics

Electronic devices like laptops, microwaves ovens, TVs or even the chandelier tend to emit heat. This added warmth forces the compressor to work harder for the same cooling effect. Put away all heat-emitting electronics so the AC can function at its best.

If you constantly take care of your AC, it will serve you well for a long time. If your unit requires attention, have it checked by a qualified professional who does air conditioning repairs.