Business owners or managers are constantly looking for ways to keep their operating costs down. Air conditioning costs accounts for a significant fraction of the total energy costs that many businesses across Australia incur each year. But these cooling costs can be minimised. Here are a number of effective tips that can help you cut your air conditioning expenses considerably.

Keep ducts properly sealed

Simple actions like ensuring that the ductwork of your air conditioning unit is correctly sealed can prevent the energy wastage associated with leaking of already conditioned air. When conditioned air escapes out of the system via the ductwork, your business will lose lots of dollars in increased energy bills, harming your bottom line. Leaky ducts can be sealed with mastic or foil tape. The sealing effect can be further enhanced by covering the ducts in proper insulation. Focus first on the unconditioned spaces of your commercial building such as basement areas and crawl spaces, then pay attention to ducts running in other parts of the building. To maximise cooling efficiency, use an HVAC technician who is experienced at sealing ducts.

Use programmable thermostats

Having a commercial cooling system you can conveniently control using a programmable thermostat will allow you, the owner or manager of that business, the ability to maintain the desired indoor temperatures. Making sure the thermostat functions properly will optimise your temperature settings, allowing you to cool your commercial space only when needed. Thanks to improved technology, some modern thermostats can learn the preferences of the user so it can automatically make the temperature in the workplace to be cooler during work hours. You can even begin cooling your commercial space a few hours before the start of normal working hours to ensure your employees and customers enjoy optimal cooling service.

Know when it is time for replacement

It is not uncommon for business owners or managers to continue using the same old air conditioning unit several months or even years after it has reached the end of its expected lifespan. Most of the time, these units end up being too expensive to use because of requiring frequent repairs. Though purchasing a new commercial air conditioning unit may require you to invest heavily upfront, it will save you lots of dollars that you could have spent on fixing the old unit. Therefore, it is essential to assess the working condition of your old cooling unit so you can analyse whether it is time to have it replaced.

Be sure to use a licensed HVAC technician if you want all of the above-elaborated tips to be made more useful.