A good HVAC system is built to use up as little energy as possible. However, when poorly installed, these systems can use up a lot of your energy and raise the energy bills. Mistakes are a good way to learn, but you'll be much better off learning from others' mistakes. You may be living in a home with a HVAC system that's been poorly installed. If you're planning on remodelling a home, or reinstalling your HVAC system, there's a number of things you need to know. Here are some of the top mistakes you need to ensure you're not making.

Blocked Return Vents

Return vents are normally used to return cold air into the furnace and thereby ensure proper circulation of air inside the house. They are designed with different configurations and in some instances, holes are placed at the floor to allow for air to be fed to the AC unit. You may also find these vents in walls and closets. Thing is, these vents don't look so attractive so some homeowners cover them up. Doing so causes the AC to have a restricted air supply, and it consequently works even harder to get more air. That raises the energy bill.

Getting a Poorly Sized Air Conditioner

Another huge mistake homeowners make is not considering the size of their home before buying an AC. Getting an AC that's too small for your home can be very costly. This is because it'll have to overwork in most occasions so as to match the requirements of the house.

But getting a larger one is just as bad. One duty of the AC is to dehumidify the air. Air packed with moisture condenses on reaching the coils and water is extracted and drained outside. However, with a larger AC, you'll need a lot more condensation for the water to drip on the pan and accumulate to adequate amounts before draining to the outside. Before that happens, the water condensed may vaporise back to the room.

The AC will also do a lot of starting up and shutting down because it easily reaches the required temperatures. That means more wear and tear.

Consult a professional to get the best sized AC for your home.

Failing to Have a Maintenance Check

Just because your AC is running doesn't mean it's at its best conditions. You need to call a professional to inspect the system at least once or twice a year. Some conditions may cause major problems. Leaking AC refrigerant for instance, can be very hazardous and may also wear out your system. Lack of inspection may raise your bill and decrease the lifespan of the system.