For people considering air conditioning systems for the first time, whether for residential or commercial purposes, making a choice may seem like an overwhelming task. With the myriad of options to choose from where do you begin? The good news is that you cannot go wrong with ducted systems. These tend to be one of the more popular options due to how efficient they are. Here are some of the different reasons why you should opt for ducted systems for your air conditioning needs.

Ducted systems cool the entire premises

A ducted air conditioning system works toward the simultaneous cooling of every room on the premises. This is not a characteristic found in all air conditioning units. For instance, window units will only work to cool the specific room they have been installed in. However, ducted systems consist of an array of ducts as well as cooling zones. These work toward eliminating heat in the various locations that they have been installed. Hence, ensuring the entire building is being cooled at the same time.

Ducted systems are convenient

Since these systems can work toward cooling the entire premises simultaneously, it would be unfortunate if you had to go each and every room to regulate the temperature. The good news is that you do not have to! Ducted systems give you the convenience of controlling the temperature of different locations with a simple touch button. Additionally, you can also opt for models that will provide you with the added convenience of features such as timers, capabilities to have a range in temperature and more.

Ducted systems are inaudible

One of the biggest complaints associated with air conditioning units is the noise levels they come with. This can be especially frustrating at night when you need the house cool, but the rumbling is stopping you from getting any sleep! Ducted systems will not come with this problem. Most of the noisy components of these systems are situated outside the premises, beneath flooring or even in the ceiling of the building. Therefore, you can rest assured that your air conditioning system will be running inaudibly whenever it is operational.

Ducted systems clean the air in the building

Ducted systems come with filters that work toward attracting dirt right out of the air, rather than simply catching it as the air is being filtered. This means that minuscule contaminants will be pulled out of the air by your ducted system as it is ventilating the premises. This makes it an ideal choice for people who may be suffering from allergies or other respiratory illnesses.