If you are looking to fit an efficient air conditioning system for your home or workplace, the ductwork is elemental for a system that fits your needs. Not only does it affect the rate at which air flows into and out of the room but also influences the ability to maintain the system and keep it working for many years.

Rigid duct work comes in a variety of sizes and materials depending on the magnitude of the system that you would wish to install. They are either cylindrical or rectangular. Here is a variety of rigid ductwork that you may consider installing for your ducted air conditioning system:

Sheet metallic ducts

The metallic ducts are made of galvanised aluminium or steel. Galvanising the metals helps to prevent rusting, which enables the ducts to stay free of rust in spite of their exposure to moist air. Besides, ducts made of aluminium are significantly light and easy to install. Therefore, they are suited for areas that do not have adequate support for heavy materials.

The sizes can be varied according to the particular conditions of the space that your wish to ventilate. Large ducts are used for spaces that require regular air circulation such as kitchens in commercial hotels. Smaller ones can work well for small and medium sized rooms at home or in the office. 

Fibreglass Lined Ducts

The fibreglass ducts have a glass lining on the interior or the exterior of the metal used to make them. They are ideal for offices and other commercial buildings because of their ability to dampen the sound produced by the air conditioners. Therefore, they have an added advantage where they function silently while allowing you to enjoy fresh air in the room.

On the other hand, the glass lining used to create these ducts often deteriorates with time. The deterioration leads to the release of glass particles into the air ventilation system, which can be an issue of concern regarding the health especially when people are exposed to the particles for a long time. Therefore, this ductwork is suited for areas with less dust such that regular cleaning is not needed since the cleaning makes the glass fibres to wear down.

Fibreboard ducts

Fibreboard ducts are made from strands of fibreglass, which are compressed and bonded using resin. Foils are then used to cover and shield them from exposure to moisture. The fibreglass duct system is suitable for moist and humid areas because they are self-insulated and shielded from moisture.