A central air conditioning unit is bound to have issues at one time or another, and some of these can be addressed by the homeowner while others are best left to a professional. When you notice any of the following problems with your air conditioner, there are a few things you might try before calling for service. Note the following suggestions, and remember to always shut off the circuit breaker connected to your air conditioning unit before making any repairs even to the outside of the housing.

1. The unit doesn't cool

Of course you need to check your thermostat and see if it's set too high before anything else. However, if this is not the problem and the unit consistently fails to cool your home, call for service. The refrigerant levels could be low so that air is not cooled as it circulates through your unit, or the compressor may not be working. The compressor circulates this refrigerant so that the air your air conditioner blows into your home is cool. If it's not circulating refrigerant, your air conditioner will just be blowing lukewarm air into the house.

2. You are getting uneven cooling in your home

One cause of this may not be the air conditioning unit itself but it may be that the vents leading to certain rooms are very dirty and blocking the airflow. Have your home's ducts and vents cleaned annually to avoid this problem.

It might also be that the motor and blower of your unit are failing. When this happens, airflow is very weak as they cannot push air through your entire system of ducts. If you notice that rooms closest to the central air unit are coolest, this is usually a sign that the motor or blower are failing, and it's good to call for service to have them inspected.

The problem might also be that the unit is working fine, but it's too small for your home and cannot push air through to all the rooms even when working at maximum power. A technician can check if the motor and blower are working, and if they are, you may need to simply upgrade to a larger and more powerful unit.  

3. The unit doesn't come on at all

One of the most common reasons for this problem is that grass, leaves, and other debris have been sucked into the central unit and have damaged the motor. If you've checked that the circuit breakers to your home have not tripped, call for service on your unit so that it can be inspected for damage to the motor inside the housing. For more information, contact a business such as Aircompliance Airconditioning Pty Ltd.